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How It Started

Our name "Junebear" comes from the june-bearing strawberry plant. It's said that: "Distinguishing between everbearing or June-bearing strawberries can be difficult because the plants don’t actually look any different. It is actually their fruit production that sets them apart." And that's essentially what our goal is - selecting pieces that can push YOU to be you and plant the seed to grow your individualistic self.

Junebear is an LA based online clothing website founded by two best friends (whose birthdays are 3 days apart in June, too!). What started off as a casual convo eventually led to a dream that is only growing. Our ultimate goal is to inspire other women to work for what you want, even if it seems impossible, and inspire you to be unafraid of expressing yourself through your fit. Each and every piece is hand selected by yours truly to create a collection that we 100% feel will inspire a style versatile enough to resonate with anyone.

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